I told myself the other night that if I would be given the chance to talk in front of a crowd, I would want to talk about this.

Almost everyone has a goal of their own. We set goals in life for us to make the most out of it. We set goals to see where we’re going. We set goals to keep us on track. But the other night I told myself, not all goals are good for us. Figuratively speaking of course. I mean, some goals would limit our abilities. Some of the goals we set for our lives would actually keep us from experiencing other things. Do you get my point? I mean, if we become too encompassed with the idea of achieving our goals, how can we even notice the little things along the way?

You may think it’s absurd. How can a goal that would give meaning to your life actually be a bad thing? Think about it. When’s the last time you did something that’s not planned? Most of us won’t jump into things just because it’s there. But opportunities knock once, as old people say, and what if an opportunity comes up and that’s not part of your plans, what would you do? Would you take it? Probably not. Sometimes people get too scared of trying things because it’s not included in the plans they made for their future. They would underestimate their abilities or they would most likely reason out just to avoid whatever is infront of them. People wouldn’t want to commit or accept an offer because they’re thinking that it would just keep them from achieving their dreams. But I don’t think so.

God sent you opportunities for a reason. He doesn’t want to distract you, maybe it’s just his way of testing you if your plans are in accord to the plans He made for you. People would blame God whenever they lose their dreams. I think it’s not fair to blame God. We might have lost our dreams, but His dreams for us, the plans he made, it’s still there. Our plans may seem great to us, but it’s still His plans that is greater. That’s why He’s continuously blessing us, giving us opportunities that would help us reach our full potential.

We are destined for greatness. That’s one line I’ll never forget. And if we continue to live with the only goals we have, we might not get the so-called greatness we deserve. We should expose ourselves to things that would come our way. Sometimes it’s okay to try new things. Things that might not be part of our routines. It’s okay to accept new offers. Offers that would take us away from our comfort zone. It’s okay. Anything is okay as long as you get to experience it all. We must set our goals, and set it high. Goals that are seen in God’s eyes, because whatever we do in life, it won’t matter if it weren’t God’s plans for us. If we pursue dreams that aren’t part of His plans, He would eventually do things that would help us get back on track. The only thing we should do is allow God to work in our lives. So that we may pursue the goals and live the purpose He has planned for us.