People may not understand where I’m coming from, but right now, all I want is something long term. I want something that can last through time. I want someone who will stay.I know I’m too young to think of future possibilities, but I don’t want to invest on things that i’ll be losing in the end. I want things that I can keep. I want a relationship that would outlast everything. It may scare people off, i mean, napakaidealistic, right? But I believe if two people really want to be in a relationship, they should not just settle with the present, but they should also consider future plans. In God’s perfect time, I know i’ll meet the right person who will share the same vision as mine. 

What we can and cannot do will depend on what we WANT to happen.

Situation: If you don’t want to ride a bike, then you can’t ride one. Simply because you don’t know how to ride one and that’s because you never  tried.

We set our own limits, we build our own walls. If you say you can’t do something then you won’t be able to do it. That’s for certain. But if you say you can do something, and if you put your heart in it, then you will be able to find ways to do it. Just like the first law of motion, if there is no force, then there will be no changes in the speed or position of the object. If you don’t exert effort to achieve the things you want to have in life, then you will never improve, you will never move.

We have a say on the things that we are capable of doing and the things that we will do. Which makes us responsible for whatever that would happen to us in the future. Because in one way or another, we have decided on what our future will be. What will happen to us in the future will depend on what we want to happen to us today.

"I can’t linger in the past if I want to move forward."
— Jean, Away We Happened (Wong Fu Productions)
Hindi ko alam kung ano ‘to, basta puros lang tungkol saakin.

Alam ko darating din yung panahon na maiinlove uli ako. Pero sana, kapag dumating siya, mahalin niya ako dahil ako si Iny. Yung Iny na normal lang, walang kasamang kahit anong tag o label. Madami kasi iba diyan na magsasabing mahal ka sa ganitong rason, ayaw ko nun. Nangbobola lang naman minsan e. Meron din diyan na magsasabing mahal ka, kasi yun lang nararamdaman nila. Hindi na ako naniniwala doon. Madalas kasi nanggamit lang naman, o nagpapagoodshot lang sila.

Gusto ko mamahalin ako ng tao kasi nakilala niya talaga ako. Hindi yung mahal ako kasi nakita lang ako. Usually kasi kapag nakita ka lang ng tao, ang mamahalin nila good parts mo lang. Ayaw ko nun. Sana mahalin niya ako kasi imperfect ako. Pero tanggap niya lahat ng mga mali saakin.

Mahirap na makakita ng taong magmamamahal sayo ng totoo lalo na ngayon parang ang babaw na ng depinisyon ng love para sa ibang tao. Sana maintindihan niya ang depinisyon ng pagmamahal, hindi yung ipapaintindi ko pa sakanya. Hindi naman kasi yun ineexplain e, nararamdaman na lang. Pero sana alam niya na ang pagmamahal hindi siya instant. Ang iba kasi, ma-attract lang sa tao, in love na agad. Ayaw ko nun.

Hindi na ako naniniwala sa mga taong nakilala ko pa lang tapos mahal na ako agad. I don’t believe in love at first sight. Kalokohan lang yun. Minamahal mo kasi yung ugali ng tao, hindi mukha niya. At sabihin na natin nakilala mo na siya ng ilang linggo, hindi pa rin naman ata yan pagmamahal. Kasi ang pagmamahal binibuild up mo yan. Kulang ang ilang linggo para sa pagmamahal na yan.

Sana dumating yung araw na makilala ko na lang siya, sa panahong handa ako. May mga lalake kasing darating bigla tapos magpaparamdam sayo at magsasabing “Hihintayin kita paghanda ka na” tapos bigla na lang sila naglalaho. Hindi na ako naniniwala sa mga ganun. Wala naman kasi nakakapaghintay na e. Ang tao hindi nakakapaghintay, pero ang pagmamahal oo. 

Sa panahon ngayon,  parang ang hirap na mainlove no? Saakin lang siguro. Nahihirapan na ako mainlove sa tao kasi pakiramdam ko manloloko lang lahat. Hindi naman ako man hater. Siguro noon oo, pero ngayon hindi na talaga. Pero totoo, pakiramdam ko lahat ng lalake lolokohin ako pagdating sa pagibig. Siguro yun na yung instincts ko na nagsasabi saakin na hindi pa tama na mainlove ka ngayon. Wala pa naman kasi yung tamang lalake para saakin. Pagdumating siya, in God’s time, alam kong sulit naman lahat ng iniisip ko ngayon.

Kaya sana, habang wala pa siya, hindi muna ako masaktan ng ibang tao. Hindi na muna sana ako lolokohin ng iba, o bobola bolahin lang. Mahirap na kasi. Alam ko namang hindi sila para saakin e. Kaya wala ng sense pagpaparamdam.

Siguro iisipin niyo ang yabang, ang drama, o kaya ang sama ko. Pero okay lang. Shinare ko lang yung nararamdam ko pagdating sa love and sa mga lalake ngayon. Para na din to kay future. Para alam niya na kapag pinili ko na siya, masyado ako naging choosy noon. 

It’s either we break up or we get married. -Marissa, Strangers Again

I first watched Wong Fu Productions’ Strangers Again last Summer of 2011 and I must say this line was the one that struck me the most (until now). Somehow it made me realize how simple things are in relationships. It’s either you guys break up or you get married. But is it really that simple?

Every one will say, “I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend” I mean, who would do such thing? If you just want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then why did you date him/her in the first place?  But if you won’t break up with him/her, are you ready to say I do to that person? Are you ready to commit to that person for the rest of your life?

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My paper for our NSTP Class.

“We long for change yet we don’t start the change ourselves.” This is one of the many realizations I had upon watching the video of the thirteen year old girl who spoke in front of the UN convention. To be honest, that was the only thing that caught my attention. The discussion that followed was the only thing that stuck to my head. It struck me because I think that was the most important part of the seminar. It was the most important since it contained the most practical information yet the hardest ones to follow.

We are the present generation. Our future is the present of our sons and daughters. Like what the girl said, losing our future is not like losing the election or a few points in the stock market. Our future is more than that since it holds the lives of the next generation. Bit by bit we are destroying the future, we are taking away the succeeding lives, and we are killing each other. Like what she said, grown-ups taught us what is proper when we were still in kindergarten yet their actions contradict the things that they say. We need consistency and discipline. As young as we are, we must practice good behavior. And as mature as the grown-ups are, they must act their act and become good models for young people like me. If the two act the way they are expected to, then we can definitely change the world. We can change it, and stop things from getting worse. If we don’t know the solutions to our problems, then we must not create nor add to them. As simple as that.

My name is I Am

I was regretting the past and fearing the future.

Suddenly, I heard my Lord speak,

"My Name is I am."

He paused. I waited. He continued,

"When you live in the past, with mistakes and regrets,

It is hard… I am not there. My name is not I WAS.

"When you live in the future, with worries and fears,

It is hard… I am not there. My name is not I WILL BE.

"When you live in the present, when you live in the now, in this moment,

It is not hard… I am here. My name is I AM.”

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