It’s either we break up or we get married. -Marissa, Strangers Again

I first watched Wong Fu Productions’ Strangers Again last Summer of 2011 and I must say this line was the one that struck me the most (until now). Somehow it made me realize how simple things are in relationships. It’s either you guys break up or you get married. But is it really that simple?

Every one will say, “I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend” I mean, who would do such thing? If you just want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then why did you date him/her in the first place?  But if you won’t break up with him/her, are you ready to say I do to that person? Are you ready to commit to that person for the rest of your life?

Sometimes that’s what makes things complicated, our thoughts of the future. Our thoughts of what will be, and what is supposed to happen. Whenever we think of our future it’s either we get excited or we get scared. Excited with the thought that you will soon start your life with the person you love, and Scared with the thought that you are not ready for what is in store for you and your other half. Being scared is not good, and being excited? It isn’t a good thing either. Most of us think that whatever we feel now would last forever, but sometimes it won’t. If you rush things, you might regret it. If you’re too scared to try things, you might miss out on what is in store for you.

So what is really my point here? My point is, relationships (romantic ones) in general are not bad for us. It’s our way of interacting with someone special, sharing our feelings and being open to that person. It’s like having this bond, a connection, that may not necessarily be understood by others, but to both of you it makes perfect sense. It’s like he/she is your unicorn (how Philip Wang described the girl) an unbelievable, crazy, special, almost perfect girl/boy you thought could never exist. I can write forever, but I think you get the point. Relationships are fun, but it’s not always supposed to be like that. If you’re not ready for that relationship, then don’t enter one. It will further complicate things. Trust me. But when you are ready to have one, you must be prepared of what’s going to happen next. Be it good or bad. You must be prepared for anything because committing to someone does involve great risks. If things get better, go for it. If things don’t, then maybe you weren’t meant to be after all. You’ll be happy, you’ll get hurt. But at the end of the day, you just have two choices: It’s either you break up or get married.

Just be prepared. It’s for your own good.

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