"You’re going to get a boyfriend,” Grandma says. “Only unlike your sisters, you’re choosy. You’re not going to marry the first asshole who comes along who tells you he likes you, then knocks you up."
— Meg Cabot, Queen of Babble
"Every day, I waited for you to say something. Perhaps a simple “Hi” could have been enough. It could have made all the difference. But I waited in silence. Then I figured, I cannot keep on waiting for someone who didn’t even noticed my existence. And so I stopped waiting and then I stopped believing and I started accepting the fact that it wasn’t meant to be after all."
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Whenever I feel down, I just think of all the people who believed and continuously believes in me. I don’t want to disappoint them. I don’t want people to look down on me and see a poor little girl who have reached failure. Pity is not something I easily take from people. But aside from that,  I don’t want to disappoint myself. I have set the bars high for the things I want to achieve. And though people can try to discourage me, I have learned that nothing can ever affect me as long as I decide not to let it affect me at all. The mind can be honed in a way that you decide what to believe in, and what to disregard. And the heart can tell you when to fight for things, and when to concede the battle. As of now, I can see a lot of reasons for me to just let go and free myself of all the responsibilities that I am currently handling. But I chose to look away from all these and just focus on the one thing that kept me going throughout all my hardships: my goals. I need to focus on the goal. Though people are starting to become annoying, I’d rather use my time thinking of sensible things. Hating them would do me no good. Perhaps I can rant about it once in awhile, but then 60 seconds of complaining about the shortcomings of other people is a minute of wisdom that could have been shared with people who are more worthy of my time. I just need to focus. FOCUS.

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"Even the stars cannot tell you when to stop loving someone because the decision can only be made by you and you alone."