"People are not meant to search for their other half because people are not “half” to begin with. We’re alive and we’re complete. We just don’t see it- perhaps because of clouded vision or too much distractions. But at the right time, at the right place and with the right person, we’ll be able to see how complete our life is, and that the search is not to find someone to complete it, it’s to find someone to share it with. Because our life is as good as it is, we just need someone who could make it better."
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"If you want to leave, leave. But do know that when you do, there’s no coming back. You won’t see me hanging there waiting for some miracle to happen because God knows I wasn’t born to be your second option."
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I don’t like giving people that much power over me. That’s why I don’t’ want to attach myself that much because when I do, I always end up feeling vulnerable. And I don’t want people to see that side of me.


I will always be that friend who’s good at giving advice but is not capable of following it. We have heard stories about people like me, but no one fully understood, why people like me existed. Maybe you really can’t have everything. Maybe the gift of wisdom is not something you take on your own, but something you share with others. And that wisdom can only be retrieved from one’s personal experiences that’s why people like me always have the hardest downfall. People like me always get the worst seed. Sometimes I ask myself, is it fair that I am clueless with how to deal with my personal life when in fact, I had answers and solutions to the problems of other people? Why is that? I believe that what I have is a gift. And it delights me whenever people learn from the things that I say. Or when I make things easier for the people I care for. But there are times, and God were they many, when all I wanted was to give advice to myself. All I wanted was to solve my problems. And be there for myself. Just like how I was there for others.